Calming your financial fears

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May 22, 2019
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December 13, 2019

Calming your financial fears

Will I be OK financially, will I have enough to be secure and achieve my aspirations, or will my money run out?…Am I making the most of the opportunities available through superannuation, the tax system and other entitlements I may be eligible for?…How should I invest?

They’re common questions that we can answer for you. We do that by first getting to know you, what’s important, your goals and aspirations. Then, with the aid of our CALM Realiser, a lifelong cashflow modelling program, we can show you what your future looks like. It might be that you’re going to be financially ok, or it might be that we identify a few adjustments needed to your spending or saving. Either way, CALM Realiser isn’t just the name of our modelling software, it’s what our professional people and process delivers – a state of calm for you.

With the help of CALM Realiser, our team can demonstrate where you’re headed and show you the choices you can afford at whatever your stage of life. It might be choices about housing, schooling for the kids, holidays, purchases or taking time out of the workforce. It might be that you need to rein in some spending or can afford to spend a little more. If you’re nearing retirement, we can show whether you can afford to do it now or possibly ease your way there.

We can also show you the interaction between your income and spending and what this does to your assets and liabilities over time. Importantly, we can show you whether you’re going to be financially OK and whether you’re on track to achieving your goals and ambitions.

Our CALM Realiser process

Our process starts with a meeting to get to know you and your current financial position but most importantly, we want to understand the things that matter to you, your goals and aspirations. To help us, we’ll ask you to provide, or bring along, details of:

  • Employment or business income
  • Annual cost of living expenses
  • Most recent tax returns
  • Mortgage or any debts
  • Most recent superannuation statements
  • Savings and investments including shares and property if any
  • Estate plans, including current Wills and Powers of Attorney

Prior to the meeting, we’ll also ask you to complete a financial risk tolerance questionnaire so we can to get an idea of your attitude to risk and investment return.

Using all this information we model your cashflow to work out whether you’re on track to reaching your goals and aspirations. The beauty of our process is we can show immediately what your future looks like under varying assumptions. We might identify strategies for minimising the tax you pay, for example salary sacrifice, which can add directly to your investment savings. It might be that we identify entitlement to some lesser known Government benefits such as concession cards, or strategies to maximise the age pension if eligible.

Using our CALM Realiser process, we can improve your financial wellbeing and give you the information you need to make smart decisions about your money. That way you can have confidence and calmness about your future.

If you’d like to find out more about our CALM Realiser process and discover whether you’re going to be financially OK, give us a call today on 03 9896 5100.