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April 5, 2019
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Partnering with you

Colin Hyett made the switch from pastry chef to landscape gardener 12 years ago because of a passion for gardens and the outdoors. Colin’s first landscaping jobs were for some high-end properties which gave him the ideal start to indulge both his artistic side and his love for indigenous plants and succulents.  Since then, Colin and his team of 12 have built some of the most eye-catching gardens on the Mornington Peninsula.

Take Colin’s property ‘La Serre’ by Colin Hyett Design at Langwarrin South, for example. Purpose built as a space for garden parties, weddings and corporate events, it’s a stunning desert-oasis landscape overlooking a water feature and a sprinkling of desert-themed art pieces. It’s the perfect setting for events such as the Regional World’s Longest Lunch as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

Colin is an artist with a love for painting and creating fabulous gardens that his clients can coexist in.  But he also has a business to run. That’s where Strategic Accountants and in particular, Mark Wilson, provide support. Mark helps Colin focus his energies on business planning and strategy with other members of the accounting team providing backend accounting and tax support. Mark also assists Colin in managing future cash flows and developing an overall personal and business asset protection strategy.

According to Colin, “You know where you stand with Mark, he’s proactive and approachable but calls a spade a spade. If something needs attention, he’ll let me know and he’ll put it in terms that I can understand. I’m pretty good with the business stuff but it makes a big difference to know someone’s there providing the additional support I need”.

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