Business Advice

Businesses in Melbourne face many challenges. Our professional advisors have decades of experience assisting a wide range of businesses to meet these challenges and thrive financially.

Businesses, large and small, require customised business advice matched to their structure and business objectives. A sole trader may need help with both their personal and business finances. A family business may need to strategically separate the needs of the business from that of individuals. A partnership or start up corporation may have complex financial challenge.

We see ourselves as the “family project manager”, your business and family’s most trusted advisor, working in harmony with you and other professionals to ensure your finances are in order and your business is positioned for growth. Services offered include:

Business Planning

We can assist you in developing a business plan that identifies the key elements for future success. That includes profit and loss and cash flow projections for your business in support of applications for loans from financiers.

Asset Protection

One of the key focuses of our client relationships is asset protection. We seek to protect the individual, their family and family home by identifying and addressing potentials risks to their assets. Asset protection strategies used may address ownership and control issues, business relationships, insurance and Directors’ liability exposure.

Succession Planning

The importance of business succession planning continues to grow as our population ages. Successful sales of businesses are usually engineered and planned years before the transaction takes place. We can assist you establish a time frame, determine a value for your business and advise you on the superannuation and Capital Gains Tax concessions that may be available on the sale.

Consulting Advice

Being in business means there is always something to talk about. We listen and assist in any way we can on a wide range of business issues. Through a comprehensive network of business associates we can also provide business advice in areas where we do not have specialist expertise. We see ourselves as the “family project manager”, your business and family’s most trusted advisor, working in harmony with other professional advisors to act in your best interest.

For professional and tailored-fit advice from a business development consultant, call Strategic Wealth Services on (03) 9896 5100 for a chat. You can also send us an email to