Superannuation Compliance

Do you have a plan for when you stop working? Will you have enough savings to fund your retirement? Remember you could have 30 years or more of retirement living.

We can help you design a superannuation strategy to turn your retirement dream into a reality. Our expert advisors can guide you through the increasingly complex superannuation rules and provide you a Small Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) solution that ensures compliance, maximises return and mitigates risk.


Compliance is a crucial aspect of SMSF administration. Special rules apply to establishing and running an SMSF. There are payment obligations, tax reporting, administrative requirements, recording, and reporting obligations to consider. We offer a comprehensive range of SMSF compliance services that includes:

  • Fund and Trust establishment
  • Drafting relevant Minutes
  • Documenting investment strategies
  • Administration services
  • Account preparation and reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Member benefit statements
  • Trustee Annual Report to Members
  • Commencement of income streams
  • Account-based pensions or transition to retirement
  • Tax compliance and return lodgement
  • Liaising with the ATO

With our comprehensive knowledge of SMSF rules and experience, you can be certain of meeting your compliance obligations.

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